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The House Of Story's

It was a cold day. Luke and Lily were  walking to their grandmas to stay, but they didn't know which house it was. Luke and Lily walked up to this house and read the letter box to see what the number was and it was 246.

Luke and Lily walked up to the porch and knock on the door but it just opened.When they walked through the door they walked on the bright red carpet. When they came to some rooms they heard some random music. Luke and Lily didn't know where it is coming from but they wanted to find out where it is. They came to a halt when they saw a clown in the middle of the red carpet.

When Luke was running and trying to hide, Lily didn't do what her brother did, she yelled at Luke to come back! but Lily was walking backwards then suddenly she falls down a hole, Luke yells out and runs to the hole and falls through also as well and they go to the basement

When Luke and Lily were in the basement they looked to see if their was any thing to get them out of the basement. They looked and looked but there was nothing except a bed sitting in the middle of the floor. We walked up to it but it was soooo scary!

Luke and Lilly had gone to sleep on that bed when they heard a voice "Wake up Luke and Lily". When they woke up they were in the hospital after they had been knocked out! but by who? but they shut their eyes again but it was too late.

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Hiriwa Moto:Silver island

   This is hiriwa Moto it stands for Silver island hope you like 
   It. By Xanthe.

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My Wanted poster

What:A Quality person that sticks up for you.
This is my Wanted posters. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

My diamanté poem

What: Room10 made diamanté poems about CAMP and I did initintives  
 Now what: I made a diamanté poem and I did initiatives. This is my poem.
                                          Advanced average
                                     Completing working deciding  
                                      Using a great strategy 
                                            Active team
                                              Team work

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Camp 2014

What: living springs camp 2014
 So what: I enjoyed going to Archery and rifles and i also liked Initiatives it was fun to work with friends and i also liked the Bouldering wall it was fun because i won.Something i find challenging was the walk because i was nervous and doing walk`s are hard to do because i am not good.
Now what: If i went back i would have fun and i want be nervous.

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This is my comic poster that I made with comic page hope you enjoy it

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W.A.L.T..... Choose an icon of our cultural and present it using colour 4 different ways.
So what?
First we chose an icon about our cultural.We then drafted this in our integrated learning book.After that we chose colours and different ways. Then we painted. One of favourite Buzzy Bee was red,black,yellow,light blue and green. My other one was ridiculous colour was purple,dark blue,orange ,yellow,black and pink.: )
Now what?
If I was to do it again I would keep in the lines when painting so they don't go into the other pages and I also need to make different colours.: )


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