Thursday, 23 April 2015

Descriptions Writing

Say that me and my friend are going to school by ourselves and no one is here with you and what if a man is waving at you and your friend and then the man is starting to walk to you and you don't know what to do and you don't have a phone with you and you can't call anyone from home and you have to be back from school at 4:00 sharp.

 You are going to school with your best friend and you are playing a game for a few minutes and you looking for something to do before you go home and a strange man is waving at you and is starting to walk to you and you don't now him at all. If you are getting scared and you don't now what to when you are with a friend you forget your phone the most important thing of  your life and you have to call home and your friend has no phone at all.If you don't now what to do never stand there and talk to him bad idea.!!!!!!!!!

Here are some Suggestion to do:
1. Call parents (if you have a phone)
2. Run away as fast as you can go
3. Stand there and talk with Him/Her

A good idea is to call parents fast ,but to not go out of the house with out your phone if something happens to you, you will not get to ring or text your Mum or Dad to tell that there is something going on at the school that there is a strange man that is trying to get to you  but you don't now what to do what  could you do if there is someone is trying to walk to you and waving at you.
If you have idea do what is best maybe go to a nearby house to see if they have a phone that could be a good idea,but if you have a scooter and ride on it to get away so he or she can get you when you are on your scooter.

A good idea is to tell your Mum or Dad that you had a bad day that a strange man was waving at you and your friend and he starting to walk to you and you don't want to go to school with her friend by herself because kids and people could  unsafe at place so maybe it is to go to school or to a park with out an parent or someone you now to now that you are safe when you need to go somewhere that you have a parent or someone that you now that you can trust and now that you do something when being safe.  



                                                   AUDITION  DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!                     

"Good morning honey we have something to tell you"

"What?" i said.We decided to put you-..... Mum paused in a nervous and anxious way."I think Mum was nervous to tell me"what Mum is trying to say was that we put you in a play"Yes" said Mum "you did what!" we are going to New Zealand in a week said Via in a exited way,"we could tell she was ready to go"Ok"i said in a nervous way.

1 Week!
It was  March 2nd we were packed to go we had never i mean ever gone to New Zealand.We drove to the airport we had to book a Hotel in New Zealand for 11 days and 10 nights it was like having a holiday.We got off the plane to the New Zealand airport in Christchurch. We order a taxi on the plane we went to our Hotel it was pretty clean not like my room.We had a room to share it was not fear for me but we would be sleeping outside.

It was Sunday my favourite day of the week so we can go home,"WAKE UP"yelled Mum. But Mum no buts we are going to the Audition for the play get dress and have breakfast  were going in 20 minutes said Mum. We drove to the Audition place it was on Auburn street it was so far away to drive. 

,We had finally arrived to the play.,We went in we went to the desk there was this lovely lady at the desk.Hello how can i help you she said. Hi my son has  signed up to the play said Mum ahh yes so what is his name:August. Hello my name is Gemma said Gemma.Ok just go to that door over there thank you for coming good luck.You must be August said this big guy you are number "31" go over there you can put make up on if you want. thank you said Mum to the big guy and Dad,Via and Daisy walked past.,,Via put make up on for fun,,"you are best kid in the world you are so brave to do this no one would do this" said Dad.Then he gave me a big kiss and hug so did Via. she started to cry it was really scary to do this. I was nervous it felt like i was going to be sick but Mum said that what ever happens you are the best."next number "31"yelled the big guy i was about to cry come on move "yes sir"i walked onto the stage more nervous then Mum was i had my hoddie on so no one could see my face.

Hello said one of the judge "hi" i said could you take your hoddie off please said other i didn't want to say no so i did take it off "WOW"said the judges and they all started to take so i got so scared that i ran off the stage and ran to Mum i burst into tears . i was so sad that Mum gave me to Dad and Mum ran out on to the stage and yelled at the judges.After 20 minutes, we went home to the Hotel so we spent our days at the Hotel and played games.we went Home sweet Home i loved to go to New Zealand it was the best holiday.It was so annoying that we did not do what i wanted to do but it was fun i hope next year we can go to New Zealand for our holiday for 2012. i was happy to be home in my room asleep.

When i woke up i felt like i was still in New Zealand but i was still in my room. It was morning Mum and Dad went out for dinner that night and Via babysitted me that night they stayed at a Hotel so i was at home with Via. At home i got a skap of paper i made a list of things that where to go on holiday.
1. Fiji
2. Christchurch
3. London
and more. when Mum and Dad came home i went to give them a hug i had Shawn them the list that i had made that night they had a look and thought it was a good ideas so they went to the computer. They went on hotel place in Fiji so they toke some money from us so we can but they had something to tell Via they put Via in a play at Fiji and we are going in 3 weeks this was fun but Danger in the play. I HATE! plays but Via this is really going to be Danger......         

Xanthe Maths

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Goals

                                                                 My Goals

            My Goal is to work had to get a leadership role in something                and to get a leadership badge by blogging 15 times to get the                badge