Wednesday, 30 March 2016

P.E. Striking and Fielding

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths

My Strengths are, I can cup my hands so that I can catch the ball easier

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were…….

Standing facing the way I was going for and I had my legs apart for my balance

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were…….

By cupping my hands to get a better hold of it when it was flying towards me

My Next Steps

To improve my striking of a ball I need to…………….because……………

Watching when the ball was coming to me and seeing the best place to hit the ball towards

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to………...because…………..

Cup my hands a bit better because I dropped it twice while in the game

The game that I enjoyed the most was…………..because……………….

I enjoyed playing Bases, because it was a really good time to get use to catching the ball and striking

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I can gather, evaluate and synthesis information across a small range of texts

I can gather, evaluate and synthesis information across a small range of texts

We had to find some information about the flag.

I can gather, evaluate, and synthesise information across a small range of texts

I can identify and evaluate the ways writer's use language and ideas to suit their purpose

I can identify and evaluate the ways writer's 
use language and ideas to suit their purpose
I had to read a pieces of writing about the flag
I had to deiced  on which one was to suit their purpose 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Librarian (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do


Today I had librarian with Emma and Honor. When I walked into the library I said hello to Mrs Ward and went straight  to little children book shelf's to find a few books to go and read down to the junior. 

When I got there Emma and Honor were already down there reading to some juniors so I went to join them by reading some books to the juniors too. For the start I didn't have anyone to read too but then Katy a little friend of mine came and sat down on my lap ready for me to read to her. I had a lot of books for Katy to choose from and then she finally found a book for me to read to her. 

When I had finished that book Katy choose a different book for me to read to her and it was called "I'm Not Going Out There"   It was a cute book and it was very interesting too. When I also finished that book Katy choose one more book for me to read her and it was called "Albert and Sarah-Jane" it was about a dog and cat as pals. When I was reading it Hope another little friend came over and sat down next to me.

Reading with little children is really fun and I can't wait to do it next Tuesday and read as long as it takes.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Run Bike Run (Merit Badge)

Meirt Badge Must-do

Run Bike Run

Today was Run Bike Run
Today we had to go into school with our bikes, but if you weren't doing the bike then you didn't have to bring a bike. When it was time to go down to the domain for our race  Sam W, Monique and I had to grab our gear and I had to grab two cricket bats and four tennis balls I also had to put the tennis balls in I my bag, because it would not be great for them to be in my helmet.

When we finally got all of us down to the domain we had to listen to our teacher my teacher was Mr Ladbrook and he had to watch out for us. When I  put my bag down the House captains had to go over to Mr Brown he was the one who was looking after the games and we were teaching them on how to play the game.

Sam L and I were the first group and we had the year 6 and the game that we were playing was French Cricket, it was really interesting to watch them play. At the end of the two games that we played was OK Mr Brown said that we got the hard group and he was right they were hard to talk to.

When my race came too I was really nerves my goal was to come second or first, but I will tell you later about what I came so the race started and I had to go around the small track then I had to get on my bike and go for the big bike ride it was hard for the first few minutes, but I did get use to it. I saw the finish line at the end with the two flags and I was happy to see it so when I came in my throat was sore from running without my drink bottle and and it was hard to breath but from that I came Second out of the year 8 girls it was pretty good Sam L got First then it was me then Samara.

When I came to sit back down under the trees I was so happy to be sitting down after that it was really nice to have a really nice hot day while running it was a really good experience to have. Then we walked back in the heat and then we were going back to a hot Assembly which I did not want to go in and sit there forever. 

Here is a photo of the race track and a photo of my second place medal 

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-Do

Computer Duty 

Every Week I have Computer Duty in the morning and afternoon. In the mornings I do the computers so they are ready to be used in school times. Sometimes I have Reia's help, but I don't, because we have a lot of things to do in the morning so today I got all 40 Chromebooks out so they are ready. 

I love doing the Chromebooks, but it is hard to do it by myself so I sometimes ask for help, because they are really heavy to carry, I love it when people want to help, because there are so many Chromebooks to take out every morning and  put them away every afternoon before school finish so it is hard to unplug the Chromebooks and plug them in to.

One thing I love about this job is that I can blog about it and it is showing that I can take care of getting them out and putting them away so that is why I love this job.  

Friday, 11 March 2016

Xanthe's Maths

W.A.l.T:  Know the relative size and place value structure of positive and negative integers and decimals to three places

Here are the things I had to past at maths.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Working in the Food Forest

Merit Badge Must-do

Working in the Food Forest 

Today, And over the last 2 days the year 8's have been going into the junior class rooms. Group E ( My Group) and the other groups have been going to the Food Forest to some jobs. 
My group and groups F,G and H have been doing the same thing as my group has. 

On Wednesday Mr McAven took us to the food forest, he said that we were pulling up weeds so we could plant more food in the food forest. When we started we had to get a pear of gloves to start, because you would not want to get stuff on your hands I had got a pear of gloves quickly, because the other people wanted them so bad but I did get a pear. 

The food forest was really big when we were about to start but I also had to ask Mr McAven which bit I could pull out of the ground, because at home it is easy to find what to pull out. We were half way there to pulling all of the weeds out of the ground I didn't like pulling weeds out but I don't care, because it was really fun.

At the end of the day I had really enjoyed it and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to get started again. 

In My Group Was: (Group E)
*Sammy W

This is Groups E,F,G,H in this photo (On 3/03/16)