Thursday, 3 March 2016

Working in the Food Forest

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Working in the Food Forest 

Today, And over the last 2 days the year 8's have been going into the junior class rooms. Group E ( My Group) and the other groups have been going to the Food Forest to some jobs. 
My group and groups F,G and H have been doing the same thing as my group has. 

On Wednesday Mr McAven took us to the food forest, he said that we were pulling up weeds so we could plant more food in the food forest. When we started we had to get a pear of gloves to start, because you would not want to get stuff on your hands I had got a pear of gloves quickly, because the other people wanted them so bad but I did get a pear. 

The food forest was really big when we were about to start but I also had to ask Mr McAven which bit I could pull out of the ground, because at home it is easy to find what to pull out. We were half way there to pulling all of the weeds out of the ground I didn't like pulling weeds out but I don't care, because it was really fun.

At the end of the day I had really enjoyed it and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to get started again. 

In My Group Was: (Group E)
*Sammy W

This is Groups E,F,G,H in this photo (On 3/03/16)

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