Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Librarian (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do


This morning I was trying to find Mrs Ward, because I needed to do one more turn of librarian to be able to write my last blog. Just as we were talking outside the office, Mrs Ward came around the corner. I asked if I could help in the library,  but I knew the library was officially closed for the year. Mrs Ward is so kind, because she knows I've been trying really hard to earn my distinction badge and she said that if I came back at lunchtime she would let me help her. Reia was there too and she said she would help as well, even though she wasn't trying to earn her badge.

So at lunchtime Reia, Kyla and I went back to the library and Mrs Ward was in there and she had a job for us to do. So Kyla and I had to scan books. Mrs Ward had already scanned from letters A-F and we had to carry on and did G, H, I, J & K. So I was getting the books from the shelf and giving them to Kyla to scan and then she'd give them back to me and I'd put them back on the shelf. Reia was doing the younger kids books at the same time. It's a huge job that Mrs Ward has to do on her own and it's quite hard to do. I hope we really helped Mrs Ward today.

I might ask Mrs Ward if she needs us to help again before the end of the year, because she has a lot of books to look after. She did give us another job, which is to find 28 books that the girls & boys classes have taken from the library that haven't been scanned out. We've got to get everyone to check where they are. They might be in peoples tote boxes.


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Technology (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Must-do


Today in technology I finished my box bedroom. I was very behind, but this week I managed to catch up and I finished it all today. I was able to bring it home on the bus and I had to carry it all the way home in the wind. I was a bit worried about it, but here are some photos to show you my design.

I used egg cartons to make seats, I use tin foil to make a mirror, I used a lot of popsicle sticks. I used them to make a desk, chairs and underneath the TV. I also made a coffee table and I made my own cushions and pillows out of different fabrics. I made a bunk bed with a table underneath, which meant I had to design a ladder to get up to the bed. It's got two doors and I used plastic to make it look like I'd got real windows. I like the really long window that I designed and the tall windows on the other wall. I even had carpet on the floor, made out of fabric with a flower pattern on it and a can of drink on the table made out of a straw.

I really enjoyed designing this bedroom and I'm glad that I actually got to finish it completely.

Computer Duty (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

This week I hope to show the new year 7's how to be a computer monitor. When they come into the seniors next year they are going to have to learn to do all the different leadership roles. When I first started in the seniors last year I didn't know anything about all the leadership roles and how many jobs there are to do at Oaklands school.

Hopefully Mr Ladbrook or Miss O'Connor will pick me to teach the new year 7'2 for 2016 about our 40 Chrome Books and how to take care of them. I don't think they have a lot of chrome books in year 6. They will probably be quite surprised to see how many we have. I am going to do my BYOD again next year, because I might like to take in my tablet and phone, just in case all the laptops are being used, or maybe the laptops won't have been charged properly one day.

It's going to be sad that this might be my last week of computer duty. I hope that I get to do it next year, because I like to look after them. I think we've looked after them really well and I don't think any of them will need repairing in the holidays. I think when we turn them off for the last time next week, we should probably turn them all off properly, then they can be charged quicker. 

Kapa Haka (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Kapa Haka

On Saturday I was performing for the Te Hapua Learning Center, which is the New Library. When I got there at the library at 12:00 ish I was in my Kapa Haka uniform ready to perform to the people that were watching us do our Kapa Haka. 

When we walked into the new learning center doors, we went to the right, we did not go to the left, because that is the library and the performing room was on the right side when you walk through the big glass doors. We waddled  through the hallway in our tight skirts trying not to fall over. We finally got to the room where people were already performing and I think one of them was Molly's mum performing with different people doing a jump jam type dance.

When it was our turn to go on I was really excited that we were performing to people and my parents were there in the crowd somewhere. When we walked onto the stage it was bigger then we thought it was going to be, but it didn't matter, what did matter was our sound/volume.

When we started, Hannah was able to talk to the people about the songs that we were going to sing in the performing room. The songs that we sang were the songs that we did at the Oakland's school Gala. 

When we finished all of our songs the audience clapped for us, it was really good and I think we sang really well, especially because it was on a Saturday when we could have been siting watching T.V. When we walked out after the kapa haka, we went into another room. The choir group had to stay in there in that room and I had to stay in my Kapa Haka uniform, because we didn't have any time to get changed into our choir shirts. 

Choir (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do


On Saturday I was performing for the Te Hapua Learning Center the New Library. We were waiting in a room after performing Kapa Haka. I had to stay in my Kapa Haka uniform, because I had just been performing for Kapa Haka and it would have taken too long to get changed.

When we started my parents were watching me and the choir group. Before we started Miss Harris put us into four lines. After we had done that, it was time for us to perform to a group of people plus parents.

Our first song was our one that we always start with which was Hallelujah, and I think that the volume was really good, because it was inside. It was hard at the Gala, because we were outside.  After we sang Hallelujah our second song was Money Money Money. It was really cool when Mr McCallum  was playing the piano, but one time Sophie played the drums for Money Money Money and that was a really cool thing that we did. 

Our final song was Adiemus, it is a really good song to show our range of voices, the audience clapped loudly at the end. 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Computer Duty (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

I do computer duty all week and I'm still doing it this week, even though we have started to slow down a bit. So it's still really important to be a computer monitor, because everyone still relies on us to have the computers ready everyday.

It's going to be interesting when the year 6 kids come to join our class next week, because they don't have Chrome Books. I hope that they think they're as good as we do. They might not know how much work we do on them and why it's important to look after them.

I don't know what we would do if we had a power failure in the night, because we could get to school and find that the chrome books hadn't been charged. Every time we plug the laptops back in at night, we always check that the cables don't get tangled up and then we have to check that the red power light comes on. Then we know that we have done our job properly.

It's so important to take care of all the 40 chrome books and next week I'm hoping to show the new year 6's what we do as a computer monitor.

Librarian (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do


On Friday at Lunch time I helped out in the library. When Mrs Ward was not in there Reia and I went into the library, because Reia is on librarian and I am a regular person that goes and help Mrs Ward out a lot. 

There was about 70 people that were librarians at the start of the year, but now there is about 20 people that are doing librarian regularly at the end of the year and I am one of them that is still a regular librarian. I would like to be a head librarian maybe next year, because it would help me a lot by being a leader and I would be able to go to the library to help out all I like if I need to get a book out or just help out Mrs Ward. I'd also like to teach new librarians on what is most helpful to Mrs Ward, because it isn't just about sitting at the desk.

When I was in the library I got a lot of books to put away so I wouldn't have to go back. All the books I got were for the kids shelves. Most of them were really easy, but some of them were a little bit harder to find to put away. When I had finished my books, I went back to get a smaller pile of books and they were the little kids books again. I put all of them on the shelves quite quickly. When Mrs Ward had  finally got to the library, there was a lot of people at the door waiting to come in, but they can't come in, because they are not librarians like me! I'm so lucky that Mrs Ward trusts me to be in there when she's not there. When Mrs Ward saw me she said "hello" and I said "hello" back:-) 

After We had all finished all of the books Mrs Ward had a job for all of us it was scanning bar-codes and you had to watch the bar-code come up on the computer or we would have to go through the books all over again we had done that it was so annoying that we had to go through it you can get very annoyed. 

In the library it is nice to talk to someone like Mrs Ward and it is easy to put the books away. It is nice when Mrs Ward lets me help her in the library at  morning tea, when the library is actually only open at lunch time. It is nice for her to do it. I like the library and I like helping out Mrs Ward.

Choir (Distinction Badges

Distinction Badge Can-do


Yesterday at school I was performing for choir. When we had got change out of our formal clothes we got into mufti that is what Miss Harris said that we could.  When we started it was really late and it was the last performance of the night. 

Our first song of choir was Hallelujah, Hallelujah is my favourite song in choir that we have sang. We also had sang Money Money Money it is really fun to sing Money Money Money I like it too and our last song was Adiemus. Adiemus it is a really new song that Miss Harris have taught us (Choir Group) and I also like that song too. When we were singing Hallelujah the sun was so bright and it was also windy at oaklands school. 

When we had finish it was really cool to be singing in front of people it is so nice to sing to people in the outside and I think all of that practices did us all good, because it sound really good and we are also doing a performing on Saturday also which is at the New Library in Halswell it is really good and it has a library and a swimming pool outside and a cafe, I have already been to the new library after school one day and it is really cool to be in a new library, because the other library was small, but this library is really big in my perspective.

Canterbury Athletics Day (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Must-do

 Canterbury's Athletics Day

On Wednesday I went down to Ashburton with my mum and sister to watch me and other people. When we got to Ashburton an 1 hr away from home we went to ashburton center that is were I was racing. When we finally found a car park space we got out of the car and went to the racing arraer. When we walk through a gate we were looking for a Oakland's school flag I intently found the Oakland's school flag we were near a big tree with shade it was really nice to have shade it was 35 degrees and now wind at all.

For my first thing I had was long distinct it was at 9:00 it was so early in the morning, but it was finally here, "On your marks, Get seat, Bang the gun went, as I ran it was so hot running in this heat. When my race had finished I had come in about 15-20 place it was pretty good. 

My next race was at a 11:10 it was 2 hrs from my last race. When it was time to go on to the race track I was so scared, when we had sat down for the ladys to call our names out and then we would right two numbers on our hand. When My name had been called out my race number was 2/2 heat 2 line 2 I was right near the gun I was so not happy to be near the gun it was so scary. When I had finish my sprints I was so happy that I got somewhere and it was a really collse race and I might have got 3rd or 4th and you had to get 1st or 2nd to go to the finals.

I think that I did pretty well and really good in my races and I hope to go back next year and maybe get a little better at my scoring 
This is the Results for the 2015 athletics  
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Kapa Haka (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Kapa Haka

Yesterday was the Gala and I was performing for the Kapa Haka group at 4:30. It was 4:20 when I got to school for the gala and we had to meat at room 26 and room 24, girls were in room 24 and boys were in room 26 when I had put down my bag I had to change my skirt it was meant to be on the left I had my skirt on my right. 

When it was time to perform we had to be in our lines, the boys were on the truck and the girls were on some blocks of wood and were in the our lines as if is like in the hall, but outside. Our first song was our Oakland's school song with action we had to get it perfect, because as that the standard we are aiming for. After singing our school song we had Tar Hui Hui which was with the poi, I think that I went pretty well with my poi, but I think I need a bit more practice with getting it right.

After we sang Tar Hui Hui it was Pai Ma, Pai Ma is a really easy song to sing and do the action. When we sang Pai Ma we sang Whakataka Te Hau with the Haka. When we sing Whakataka Te Hau we have the Haka After it, but this time all of the boys had there tops off, but the girls could not look behind, because it would make oaklands school look bad, but I was happy that my Mum videoed the Haka, because my brother Jack was doing the haka at only 9 years old he was so good, but the younger boys need some help two. 

My dad didn't quite arrive in time to see Jack doing the Haka, but he said he could hear us whilst he was parking his motorbike on Cobra Street and that we were really loud, which is one of the things we try hard to do.