Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Choir (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do


On Saturday I was performing for the Te Hapua Learning Center the New Library. We were waiting in a room after performing Kapa Haka. I had to stay in my Kapa Haka uniform, because I had just been performing for Kapa Haka and it would have taken too long to get changed.

When we started my parents were watching me and the choir group. Before we started Miss Harris put us into four lines. After we had done that, it was time for us to perform to a group of people plus parents.

Our first song was our one that we always start with which was Hallelujah, and I think that the volume was really good, because it was inside. It was hard at the Gala, because we were outside.  After we sang Hallelujah our second song was Money Money Money. It was really cool when Mr McCallum  was playing the piano, but one time Sophie played the drums for Money Money Money and that was a really cool thing that we did. 

Our final song was Adiemus, it is a really good song to show our range of voices, the audience clapped loudly at the end. 

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