Saturday, 5 December 2015

Canterbury Athletics Day (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Must-do

 Canterbury's Athletics Day

On Wednesday I went down to Ashburton with my mum and sister to watch me and other people. When we got to Ashburton an 1 hr away from home we went to ashburton center that is were I was racing. When we finally found a car park space we got out of the car and went to the racing arraer. When we walk through a gate we were looking for a Oakland's school flag I intently found the Oakland's school flag we were near a big tree with shade it was really nice to have shade it was 35 degrees and now wind at all.

For my first thing I had was long distinct it was at 9:00 it was so early in the morning, but it was finally here, "On your marks, Get seat, Bang the gun went, as I ran it was so hot running in this heat. When my race had finished I had come in about 15-20 place it was pretty good. 

My next race was at a 11:10 it was 2 hrs from my last race. When it was time to go on to the race track I was so scared, when we had sat down for the ladys to call our names out and then we would right two numbers on our hand. When My name had been called out my race number was 2/2 heat 2 line 2 I was right near the gun I was so not happy to be near the gun it was so scary. When I had finish my sprints I was so happy that I got somewhere and it was a really collse race and I might have got 3rd or 4th and you had to get 1st or 2nd to go to the finals.

I think that I did pretty well and really good in my races and I hope to go back next year and maybe get a little better at my scoring 
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