Monday, 30 May 2016

Librarian (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge


Every Tuesday I have librarian on in the library. When I get to the library every Tuesday at lunch time I get to go down to the Juniors to do reading to the juniors.

I enjoy doing library duty, because we get to read to the juniors and I think that the juniors love it when we come to the junior deck, because I think that they like to listen to us when we are reading to them.

If I don't do my duty on Tuesday Mrs Ward is nice and let's me do my duty on another duty, but since the two girls from my class had already know how to do the job on Thursday I don't need to be there so all I have to do is do my duty on Tuesday.

I really enjoy going to the library and doing my duty and I going miss doing my library duty when I am going to high school next year.

Technology (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do


We got to go to Lincoln to do our second to last science activities. When our business finally get to Lincoln, Monique and I go straight to science and we get the things our that we needed for this science activities. When we get into the class we go to our table and put all of the tables down. 

Our first activity was robots again. We had already down robots but that was what Mr R had got out for us and I didn't care what we do in science. So I went to go and get the robot at the front desk that was were the robot was and we got number 10 and number 10 for our computer which was just behind our table. We were going to be making the robot which draws with the pen in its robot hand. Monique was making the robot and I was making the robot pen holder. 

When I finally finished the robot pen holder I had made it twice and I was not sure if it was built right so I ask Mr R if he could see if it was right, it was right I just had to get something wrong and put something on right and then I had to put a rubber band on it and then put it into the robot and choose a pen for and so paper then we had finished that.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Computer Duty (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge

Computer Duty 

Every week I have computer duty. 
Today I had to get the Chromebooks out carefully so they don't get broken. Sometimes in the morning when I am taking them out and putting them on the side, some students come and take them and I always get really annoyed, because I am trying to make the Chromebooks look nice. 

When it is the afternoon Reia and I have to do the Chromebooks that means by putting them in the Chromebook hub carefully. Usually Reia put them in and I give them to her. We sometimes put the top Chromebooks in first, because we think it is really easier to do, so now we are just putting them in the Chromebook hub.

Sometimes I am not there, because the Oakland's flags are out I have to go do them with Monique and Sam W and it sometimes take time to get the flags in, so by the time we get back to class Reia would be on to charging the Chromebooks. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Short Story

My Short Story

For this piece of writing I have focusing on my vocabulary and punctuation. I have been learning to:

  • use a range of precise vocabulary to communicate meaning (Year ⅞)
  • use all basic punctuation independently and attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses) (Year 7/8)

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal
The green stands for capital letters.
The yellow stands for punctuation 
The light blue stands for vocabulary

My Story...

Life on the Snow

Paragraph 1
On a cold winters day, Indie wakes up to the cold breezes coming from the creek in her window. Indie loves the outdoors, she also loves the winter days and that is why she works at the Ski fields. Indie lives in Queenstown with her mum Jane, dad Simon, and her three siblings Liea, Jack and Liam. Indie is 13 years old so she can’t drive up to the ski fields, but Leia is 17 so every morning, Leia drives her and Indie up to the ski fields to their job.  It all started off when Leia got the job of being a ski helper, she helped the kids that wanted to learn, but that was one year ago and Indie was 12 back then and when Indie turned 13 she had to get a job so she went straight to the ski fields, but that was 4 months ago and now she gives out the right skis to the people who didn’t bring theirs.

Paragraph 2
Later that Morning, Leia drove her and Indie up the mountain, when suddenly the traffic has to stop in the middle of the way up the mountain, but it was just going a bit slower than usually. When Leia and Indie got up to the ski field, their boss, Tia gives them their paycheck for the 2 weeks, they earn $500 each! For it, because they do so well at there job. When there getting their paycheck, Tia asked Indie to check the news for the weather and Indie went back to Tia to tell her that there was a storm coming our way, so we had to get everybody off the ski field before the storm arrives, because the last time they didn’t get everybody off the ski field.

Paragraph 3
By the time they got everybody off the ski field the storm  turned into an avalanche, Indie, Leia, Tia and the other staff people were so happy for getting everybody off the ski field. By the time the snowstorm had finish everything was mostly gone some of the stuff stayed up, but it was a mess, but for the ski house it did last, but one of the heavy wood fell down on where Indie was. There were ambulances at the ski field and there was lot's of help, they had finally found Indie under that heavy block of wood, but she was okay, but her left leg was badly broken, also she couldn't breath so they rushed her off to the hospital.

Paragraph 4

1 Month Later
Indie was back on both feet to find herself at the ski field once more, so Indie had crushed her left leg from that big log of wood, but they fixed her leg so she is back to giving out the right skis to the right people.

! The End !

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Librarian ( Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do


Every week at lunch time I get to do my library duty with Emma and Jessica by reading the juniors a book or two.
Reading to the juniors is hard like when know juniors want to come and listen to you,but that never happens. 

I like reading to the juniors, because they mostly listen to you read them there favourite book like barbie, every time I do reading with the juniors they always want me to read them a barbie book every time  and I think I could remember one whole barbie book.

When I usually get to the library Emma and Jessica are already there getting the books and the Bean Bags I am the one who take takes the bean bags,but if there is four of us then I only take one, butthere is only three of us.
Reading to the juniors is a hard at times, but I also enjoy it.

Garden to table (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do

Today was Garden to table. Every Friday we get the chances to go to the Halswell library, doing 3D printing, Garden to table or buddy reading with the juniors

I am in Garden-to-table that is where we get to cook or go out in the garden with the juniors. When we came back from Kapa Haka, Miss O was telling the things that we get to do and we had to be in partners, so Taylor was my partner and when we got to room 14 we got three juniors, their names were Katy, Lilly and Chloe. 

Taylor and I's job was to pull out all of the radiuses then we had to leave it by the bed. So Taylor and I didn't get what we were doing so I went and asked Miss Framton if she new, but we had to ask Miss H, because she had the piece of paper which had everything on it. 

After I asked Miss H about it I went back to the bed which Taylor was at and told her that we had to take all of the radiuses out of the radiuese bed and put it by the bed and leave it, so Taylor, Katy, Lilly, Chloe and I pulled all of the radiuese out of the bed and went to go an help someone out. 
I like Garden-to-table because it is really fun to go outside and help with the garden beds and also I like to cook with the juniors it was really fun to do that and I can't wait till next week.

Home Learning Challenge


A5 Design and create an artwork for the classroom

I'm doing a science badge and I pressed some leaves with a flower press that I made. I decided to use the leaves and make an artwork for the classroom. I also used pastels to draw the tree trunk and branches in shades of brown then I used green shades to make the grass. I used a piece of blue paper, because that reminded me of the blue sky.

Here are some photos of me planning my artwork

and this is my finished artwork...

Botany (Science Badge 2016)

Science Badge - Part 17 (2 stars)

Make a collection of 20 different types of plant seeds.

It was a really cold day when Mum helped me look for seeds in the garden. 
There are so many different shapes and sizes of seeds and they come from flowers and fruit plants.
I decided to stick them to a piece of  cardboard and label them, because I don't think I will have time to make a display box for them.

Botany (Science Badge 2016)

Science Badge - Part 4 (1 star)

Take a photograph of the silhouette (shadow) of a tree.

I took this photo when my brother was at his football training.

Botany (Science Badge 2016)

Science Badge - Part 1 (2 stars)

Make a collection of pressed leaves of 10 different trees.

I collected and pressed 16 different types of leaves.
I used the pressed leaves to make a piece of art work for the classroom as one of my homework challenges for Active Thinking.

Botany (Science Badge 2016)

Science Badge - Part 24 (1 star)

Find 4 New Zealand poems or songs with a botany theme....

Pohutukawa Christmas Tree Song

Totara Tree Folk Song

Friday, 20 May 2016

Computer Duty (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

Everyday in the week Reia and I get the chance to do the computers that means we get them out of the Chromebook Hub and then in the afternoon we get to put the Chromebooks back in its hub ready for its charge for the morning.
I like to do the Chromebooks because there trusting Reia and I to get the Chromebooks out and if they are not charge, we usually put them back on the Chromebook hub ready for our first activity, because Mr Ladbrook says if they are 70% they are going to be fine for the day.

Some days the  Chromebooks are not charge and they get on my nerves because there not charged  and we usually have to check to see if there OK for the day. 

I think doing the Chromebooks are really hard, but easy at the same time and that I have to put them on the shelf's and I have to try and find the right Chromebooks at the end of the day. 
We usually have to get all the top shelf Chromebooks then put all of the bottom once and I get so annoyed when some of the Chromebooks go on a walk around the classroom that means RM 27, 25 or 26 puts that Chromebook some where or the teacher usually has it.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Technology (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do


On Tuesday I got to go and learn about sciences. When I got to Lincoln I had to put my bag down and get a pen so I am ready to do anything in science. When I sat at my table now one was at my table but one person, but that didn't matter to me.

Our first activity was Earths Atmosphere. It was very interesting to watch and it was also about weather too and we had to draw some stuff about the earths weather.

Also we learned about Potato Guns. We learned that you had to use a pipe and a wooden stick that was strong to push a potato up the pipe. So Mr R had already made a dozen of them so we were going to make them but it would take to long so we went out to the cold breeze and went to there senior playground. 

After we got to the playground we had to grab a potato.After that we had to stick the pipe into the potato and once it got to the bottom then we could take the pipe out of the potato and that means we were ready to put the pipe back in the potato, so we can stick the pipe in the potato so that means I am ready to shoot that potato out to the cricket pitch. 

I got to shoot my potatos twice but that was because the bus was here so we finished up by helping Mr R by taking the stuff in.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Computer Duty 

Every week I get to do the Chromebooks. So I have been doing Chromebooks for the past two years, I started last year and it was one of my favourite jobs to do. One of the things why I am doing it this year is 
A) I have to do, because I know how it works and 
B) It is nice that I get to take them out with Reia's help and it a really good leadership job.
So I was one of the 56 girls last year to get picked and last year I was with Samara and Isabella, but both of them don't do that job any more so it is just Reia and I that get to do this job.
This year has been hard, because the Chromebook hub has been having a lot of problems and Mr ladbrook thinks it's me? 
I love doing the chromebooks, but I'm a bit scared that no one will do the Chromebooks when Reia and I are not there, but it will be fine.

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Computer Duty 

Today I had computer duty with the Chromebooks. When I got to school Reia didn't do the Chromebooks, but when I got to school Reia told me that we have to do the Chromebooks and I was a bit scared that they weren't going to be charged, but they were charging for 14 whole days, so we got all of the Chromebooks out and we looked at one of the Chromebooks, but they were OK the Chromebooks were a 100% so we didn't have to be scared. 

When it was the afternoon while we were doing something Reia told me that we had to put the Chromebooks away, because we were having an assembly so we did then as quickly and quietly as we could be. When we came back from assembly I went over to the Chromebook hub to see if it was going crazy, but the buttons were blue and they were still so I turned it off and back on again. The Chromebooks were fine it always does that and Mr Ladbrook thinks it's me, but I have been doing this job for two years so I think it is fine with me maybe it's Reia.

Librarian (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do


Today I had my duty on reading down to the juniors. When I went to the library I said hello to Mrs Ward then I went to backroom to see that Emma and Jessica were getting the books and bean bags. I had to grab two bean bags, because Emma had already got one of the bean bags and Jessica had the books.

When I got down to the junior I dropped the bean bags down so I could  grab the books and put the bean bags in the right place. 
When I sat down Hayley was a little friend of mine that I new and she came to sit on my bean bag and let me read to her in the hot sun.

Part way through a Barbie book a girl called Hope which is another little friend that I new came and sat next to me, but on the other side. When I had finished reading that Barbie book I went onto another book which was Barbie, because the girls don't like reading boy books so I just read what they pick out for me to read to them.

By the time the bell rang I had to say goodbye to my little friends, because I had to take back the two beam bags, but I didn't take two, because Kyla had come and read with the juniors so Jessica had taken the other bean bag and Kyla took the books back to the library.