Monday, 9 May 2016

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Computer Duty 

Every week I get to do the Chromebooks. So I have been doing Chromebooks for the past two years, I started last year and it was one of my favourite jobs to do. One of the things why I am doing it this year is 
A) I have to do, because I know how it works and 
B) It is nice that I get to take them out with Reia's help and it a really good leadership job.
So I was one of the 56 girls last year to get picked and last year I was with Samara and Isabella, but both of them don't do that job any more so it is just Reia and I that get to do this job.
This year has been hard, because the Chromebook hub has been having a lot of problems and Mr ladbrook thinks it's me? 
I love doing the chromebooks, but I'm a bit scared that no one will do the Chromebooks when Reia and I are not there, but it will be fine.

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