Sunday, 22 May 2016

Librarian ( Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do


Every week at lunch time I get to do my library duty with Emma and Jessica by reading the juniors a book or two.
Reading to the juniors is hard like when know juniors want to come and listen to you,but that never happens. 

I like reading to the juniors, because they mostly listen to you read them there favourite book like barbie, every time I do reading with the juniors they always want me to read them a barbie book every time  and I think I could remember one whole barbie book.

When I usually get to the library Emma and Jessica are already there getting the books and the Bean Bags I am the one who take takes the bean bags,but if there is four of us then I only take one, butthere is only three of us.
Reading to the juniors is a hard at times, but I also enjoy it.

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