Sunday, 22 May 2016

Garden to table (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do

Today was Garden to table. Every Friday we get the chances to go to the Halswell library, doing 3D printing, Garden to table or buddy reading with the juniors

I am in Garden-to-table that is where we get to cook or go out in the garden with the juniors. When we came back from Kapa Haka, Miss O was telling the things that we get to do and we had to be in partners, so Taylor was my partner and when we got to room 14 we got three juniors, their names were Katy, Lilly and Chloe. 

Taylor and I's job was to pull out all of the radiuses then we had to leave it by the bed. So Taylor and I didn't get what we were doing so I went and asked Miss Framton if she new, but we had to ask Miss H, because she had the piece of paper which had everything on it. 

After I asked Miss H about it I went back to the bed which Taylor was at and told her that we had to take all of the radiuses out of the radiuese bed and put it by the bed and leave it, so Taylor, Katy, Lilly, Chloe and I pulled all of the radiuese out of the bed and went to go an help someone out. 
I like Garden-to-table because it is really fun to go outside and help with the garden beds and also I like to cook with the juniors it was really fun to do that and I can't wait till next week.

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