Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Librarian (Merit Badges)

Merit Badge  Can-do


Every Tuseday I have librarian. This year I was one of the people to get to do this job and I think I am doing well for my first term. I have been doing librarain from the start of this year and I was one of the people to get to go down to the juniors and help two year 7 out. 

On Tuseday I couldn't get to go down to the juniors, because it was rainy so I helped around the library. I asked Mrs Ward if I could do something and she said that I could put some of the books onto the shelf's and so I did. When I had finished I asked if I could tick myself off so that I was here. 

Also on Thursday I came into the library to see if I could do something and Mrs Ward said that I could take some books down to Room 14 and Mrs Ward said to take her keys just in case the classroom was locked and I new that the classroom was locked, because Mrs Framton was doing dance group so I took the keys anyway. 
I love doing library And I can't wait to get back on Tuesday to do library duty ready to help Mrs Ward out.

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