Monday, 9 May 2016

Librarian (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do


Today I had my duty on reading down to the juniors. When I went to the library I said hello to Mrs Ward then I went to backroom to see that Emma and Jessica were getting the books and bean bags. I had to grab two bean bags, because Emma had already got one of the bean bags and Jessica had the books.

When I got down to the junior I dropped the bean bags down so I could  grab the books and put the bean bags in the right place. 
When I sat down Hayley was a little friend of mine that I new and she came to sit on my bean bag and let me read to her in the hot sun.

Part way through a Barbie book a girl called Hope which is another little friend that I new came and sat next to me, but on the other side. When I had finished reading that Barbie book I went onto another book which was Barbie, because the girls don't like reading boy books so I just read what they pick out for me to read to them.

By the time the bell rang I had to say goodbye to my little friends, because I had to take back the two beam bags, but I didn't take two, because Kyla had come and read with the juniors so Jessica had taken the other bean bag and Kyla took the books back to the library.

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