Friday, 27 May 2016

Computer Duty (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge

Computer Duty 

Every week I have computer duty. 
Today I had to get the Chromebooks out carefully so they don't get broken. Sometimes in the morning when I am taking them out and putting them on the side, some students come and take them and I always get really annoyed, because I am trying to make the Chromebooks look nice. 

When it is the afternoon Reia and I have to do the Chromebooks that means by putting them in the Chromebook hub carefully. Usually Reia put them in and I give them to her. We sometimes put the top Chromebooks in first, because we think it is really easier to do, so now we are just putting them in the Chromebook hub.

Sometimes I am not there, because the Oakland's flags are out I have to go do them with Monique and Sam W and it sometimes take time to get the flags in, so by the time we get back to class Reia would be on to charging the Chromebooks. 

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