Monday, 30 May 2016

Technology (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do


We got to go to Lincoln to do our second to last science activities. When our business finally get to Lincoln, Monique and I go straight to science and we get the things our that we needed for this science activities. When we get into the class we go to our table and put all of the tables down. 

Our first activity was robots again. We had already down robots but that was what Mr R had got out for us and I didn't care what we do in science. So I went to go and get the robot at the front desk that was were the robot was and we got number 10 and number 10 for our computer which was just behind our table. We were going to be making the robot which draws with the pen in its robot hand. Monique was making the robot and I was making the robot pen holder. 

When I finally finished the robot pen holder I had made it twice and I was not sure if it was built right so I ask Mr R if he could see if it was right, it was right I just had to get something wrong and put something on right and then I had to put a rubber band on it and then put it into the robot and choose a pen for and so paper then we had finished that.

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