Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Technology (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-do


On Tuesday I got to go and learn about sciences. When I got to Lincoln I had to put my bag down and get a pen so I am ready to do anything in science. When I sat at my table now one was at my table but one person, but that didn't matter to me.

Our first activity was Earths Atmosphere. It was very interesting to watch and it was also about weather too and we had to draw some stuff about the earths weather.

Also we learned about Potato Guns. We learned that you had to use a pipe and a wooden stick that was strong to push a potato up the pipe. So Mr R had already made a dozen of them so we were going to make them but it would take to long so we went out to the cold breeze and went to there senior playground. 

After we got to the playground we had to grab a potato.After that we had to stick the pipe into the potato and once it got to the bottom then we could take the pipe out of the potato and that means we were ready to put the pipe back in the potato, so we can stick the pipe in the potato so that means I am ready to shoot that potato out to the cricket pitch. 

I got to shoot my potatos twice but that was because the bus was here so we finished up by helping Mr R by taking the stuff in.

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