Saturday, 5 December 2015

Librarian (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do


On Friday at Lunch time I helped out in the library. When Mrs Ward was not in there Reia and I went into the library, because Reia is on librarian and I am a regular person that goes and help Mrs Ward out a lot. 

There was about 70 people that were librarians at the start of the year, but now there is about 20 people that are doing librarian regularly at the end of the year and I am one of them that is still a regular librarian. I would like to be a head librarian maybe next year, because it would help me a lot by being a leader and I would be able to go to the library to help out all I like if I need to get a book out or just help out Mrs Ward. I'd also like to teach new librarians on what is most helpful to Mrs Ward, because it isn't just about sitting at the desk.

When I was in the library I got a lot of books to put away so I wouldn't have to go back. All the books I got were for the kids shelves. Most of them were really easy, but some of them were a little bit harder to find to put away. When I had finished my books, I went back to get a smaller pile of books and they were the little kids books again. I put all of them on the shelves quite quickly. When Mrs Ward had  finally got to the library, there was a lot of people at the door waiting to come in, but they can't come in, because they are not librarians like me! I'm so lucky that Mrs Ward trusts me to be in there when she's not there. When Mrs Ward saw me she said "hello" and I said "hello" back:-) 

After We had all finished all of the books Mrs Ward had a job for all of us it was scanning bar-codes and you had to watch the bar-code come up on the computer or we would have to go through the books all over again we had done that it was so annoying that we had to go through it you can get very annoyed. 

In the library it is nice to talk to someone like Mrs Ward and it is easy to put the books away. It is nice when Mrs Ward lets me help her in the library at  morning tea, when the library is actually only open at lunch time. It is nice for her to do it. I like the library and I like helping out Mrs Ward.

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