Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Computer Duty (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

This week I hope to show the new year 7's how to be a computer monitor. When they come into the seniors next year they are going to have to learn to do all the different leadership roles. When I first started in the seniors last year I didn't know anything about all the leadership roles and how many jobs there are to do at Oaklands school.

Hopefully Mr Ladbrook or Miss O'Connor will pick me to teach the new year 7'2 for 2016 about our 40 Chrome Books and how to take care of them. I don't think they have a lot of chrome books in year 6. They will probably be quite surprised to see how many we have. I am going to do my BYOD again next year, because I might like to take in my tablet and phone, just in case all the laptops are being used, or maybe the laptops won't have been charged properly one day.

It's going to be sad that this might be my last week of computer duty. I hope that I get to do it next year, because I like to look after them. I think we've looked after them really well and I don't think any of them will need repairing in the holidays. I think when we turn them off for the last time next week, we should probably turn them all off properly, then they can be charged quicker. 

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