Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Librarian (Distinction Badges)

Distinction Badge Can-do


This morning I was trying to find Mrs Ward, because I needed to do one more turn of librarian to be able to write my last blog. Just as we were talking outside the office, Mrs Ward came around the corner. I asked if I could help in the library,  but I knew the library was officially closed for the year. Mrs Ward is so kind, because she knows I've been trying really hard to earn my distinction badge and she said that if I came back at lunchtime she would let me help her. Reia was there too and she said she would help as well, even though she wasn't trying to earn her badge.

So at lunchtime Reia, Kyla and I went back to the library and Mrs Ward was in there and she had a job for us to do. So Kyla and I had to scan books. Mrs Ward had already scanned from letters A-F and we had to carry on and did G, H, I, J & K. So I was getting the books from the shelf and giving them to Kyla to scan and then she'd give them back to me and I'd put them back on the shelf. Reia was doing the younger kids books at the same time. It's a huge job that Mrs Ward has to do on her own and it's quite hard to do. I hope we really helped Mrs Ward today.

I might ask Mrs Ward if she needs us to help again before the end of the year, because she has a lot of books to look after. She did give us another job, which is to find 28 books that the girls & boys classes have taken from the library that haven't been scanned out. We've got to get everyone to check where they are. They might be in peoples tote boxes.


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