Saturday, 5 December 2015

Choir (Distinction Badges

Distinction Badge Can-do


Yesterday at school I was performing for choir. When we had got change out of our formal clothes we got into mufti that is what Miss Harris said that we could.  When we started it was really late and it was the last performance of the night. 

Our first song of choir was Hallelujah, Hallelujah is my favourite song in choir that we have sang. We also had sang Money Money Money it is really fun to sing Money Money Money I like it too and our last song was Adiemus. Adiemus it is a really new song that Miss Harris have taught us (Choir Group) and I also like that song too. When we were singing Hallelujah the sun was so bright and it was also windy at oaklands school. 

When we had finish it was really cool to be singing in front of people it is so nice to sing to people in the outside and I think all of that practices did us all good, because it sound really good and we are also doing a performing on Saturday also which is at the New Library in Halswell it is really good and it has a library and a swimming pool outside and a cafe, I have already been to the new library after school one day and it is really cool to be in a new library, because the other library was small, but this library is really big in my perspective.

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