Monday, 21 March 2016

Run Bike Run (Merit Badge)

Meirt Badge Must-do

Run Bike Run

Today was Run Bike Run
Today we had to go into school with our bikes, but if you weren't doing the bike then you didn't have to bring a bike. When it was time to go down to the domain for our race  Sam W, Monique and I had to grab our gear and I had to grab two cricket bats and four tennis balls I also had to put the tennis balls in I my bag, because it would not be great for them to be in my helmet.

When we finally got all of us down to the domain we had to listen to our teacher my teacher was Mr Ladbrook and he had to watch out for us. When I  put my bag down the House captains had to go over to Mr Brown he was the one who was looking after the games and we were teaching them on how to play the game.

Sam L and I were the first group and we had the year 6 and the game that we were playing was French Cricket, it was really interesting to watch them play. At the end of the two games that we played was OK Mr Brown said that we got the hard group and he was right they were hard to talk to.

When my race came too I was really nerves my goal was to come second or first, but I will tell you later about what I came so the race started and I had to go around the small track then I had to get on my bike and go for the big bike ride it was hard for the first few minutes, but I did get use to it. I saw the finish line at the end with the two flags and I was happy to see it so when I came in my throat was sore from running without my drink bottle and and it was hard to breath but from that I came Second out of the year 8 girls it was pretty good Sam L got First then it was me then Samara.

When I came to sit back down under the trees I was so happy to be sitting down after that it was really nice to have a really nice hot day while running it was a really good experience to have. Then we walked back in the heat and then we were going back to a hot Assembly which I did not want to go in and sit there forever. 

Here is a photo of the race track and a photo of my second place medal 

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