Monday, 21 March 2016

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-Do

Computer Duty 

Every Week I have Computer Duty in the morning and afternoon. In the mornings I do the computers so they are ready to be used in school times. Sometimes I have Reia's help, but I don't, because we have a lot of things to do in the morning so today I got all 40 Chromebooks out so they are ready. 

I love doing the Chromebooks, but it is hard to do it by myself so I sometimes ask for help, because they are really heavy to carry, I love it when people want to help, because there are so many Chromebooks to take out every morning and  put them away every afternoon before school finish so it is hard to unplug the Chromebooks and plug them in to.

One thing I love about this job is that I can blog about it and it is showing that I can take care of getting them out and putting them away so that is why I love this job.  

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