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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cross Country at Roto Kohatu Reserve

Cross Country at Roto Kohatu Reserve

I was the first race out of the year 7/8's. It was fun ,but i did not give up like some people did. I loved it. We ran 3 time around a  mapped out course, it was up hill, down hill and a lot of corners.So it was much more challenging then running at the Quarry. There were 40 in my race all from different school. I came in at 28th I was proud to come in 28th.The man that organised it told use that we were in the top ten% for the region  and it was the hardest rep team to get into ,but we can go to the training sessions, which i'm hopping to do. The first sessions is at Roto Kohatu Reserve  
                         Here are some of the photos at the Cross Country!!!!


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