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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My goal in writing is Punctuation

My goal in writing is Punctuation

One day near the swamp lived a Fairy called Daisy. I loved to live near the swamp, but    I always wondered what it was like in the dark forest I said. My parents always told me to stay away from the forest, but they never told me why I said. One day the sun was shining so bright it was time to do something fun. I am a 11 fairy age I think that I can go on a adventure. When my parents were sleeping I got a lot of stuff for my adventure in the dark forest, but I was told to stay away, but I can't I gotta to go in. I open the door I slowly started to walk out of my mushroom home so I wouldn't wake my fairy parents up I was brave to go in to the forest, but i did to do something with out my parents knowing.

To be Continued!!!!!!!!

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