Thursday, 15 October 2015

Technology (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Must-Do


On Tuesday we went to Lincoln primary school to do technology. When we got to Lincoln we had to take the long way round to get to sewing. It took so long to get there, but we got there in the end. When we put our bags down we walked in with our pencils cases and sat on our seats. Mrs Patterson took the roll and then asked us to thread our sewing machine's so that we could get started and not waste time, when we could be making our three part toy. I did finish making my toy. All I had to do was 
*Hand sew on the top of my toy
*Then I stuffed the toy with stuffing which was very easy to do
*And then I had to cut out a circle the size of a cup, get some white thread and then start sewing on the bottom.
This is my three part toy!


  1. Looks awesome Xanthe! How tricky did you think it would be before hand?
    From Mollyanne and Brooke!!!!!!! :)