Monday, 24 August 2015

Scratch (Must-Do)


On Friday morning, 20 year 7/8's got together at school to walk to Halswell school, but sadly I couldn't as I still had a cold, but ended up going in the car. 
When we arrived we were told to make a suitable computer game for years 3-4, that they can use at home. It took me a whole day to nearly finish  my frustrating game.

My game was about a cat that would answer questions from a baseball and if he answered it wrong, he would get hit by the ball.

I will tell you one of the questions that the cat would have had to of answered.  True or False, are people superheros everyday? The would cat reply with true or false to the baseball. 

I had enjoyed going to Halswell school, and learning how to make my own computer game.

 Here is the app that we had to use for to make our games.   

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