Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Student Council (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do

Student Council

Today I didn't have Student Council, because of Literacy week and the Leaders had to go around each class to get some photos of three or four students reading there book, which is why I couldn't do it and I am really annoyed, but next week the year 8's aren't going to be a school, because of Wellington which is bad too.

The things that I found on the Minutes was that we had to go back to the classrooms and talk to them about what we talked about in Student Council. 

This is a review of what Kyla has put down so far 
Student Council Minutes  
When it comes to the next Student council meeting I am going to be there,  because I need to and, because it is one of my leadership roles and it is why I got chosen by the class and I really need to go or it will be really bad for me when I have now idea what is going on and it is near the end of the year and I need just to go.

The learner quality that I showed was turning up on time.

The leadership that I showed was doing the right thing in Student Council.  

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