Sunday, 3 April 2016

Computer Duty (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Computer Duty 3

Everyday Reia and I have to get the Chromebooks out ready for learning. On Friday Reia and I were opening the Chromebook hub when we saw that the Chromebook Hub was not on so we went to Mr Muller, because he was the only one in the classroom so when he came to the Chromebook hub he said that the Chromebook hub was having  a bad day and that he had to turn it off, because it was going a bit crazy, so he turned it off then he forgot to turn it back on so that is why it was off all night.

 So we opened the Chromebook Hub to see if all of the Chromebooks we all fully charged and ready for school and for some reason all of the top once we OK, except  number six. Some of the Chromebooks were OK, some of them were 26% and Mr Ladbrook just said that 50% was OK for today, because some of us were going to Te Hapua library so we put the once that we under 50% and the rest of then on the table.

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