Thursday, 14 April 2016

Technology (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Must-do


Every Tuesday I have sciences.  When we get to Lincoln we have to go straight to our class. I am in science and it was raining, when we got inside I was so cold and !we were going to be doing water rockets, but we didn't get to do that, because it was raining so what we did instead of doing water rockets we did Robots. We got to make a robot that could move by plugging it into the computer and giving it something to do. First we had to make it so I made it and my partner was Monique and she helped by getting the robot to go straight, it was pretty hard and we got to name that robot and we named it Little Brainy, so Jake and Jack got theirs to work so we asked then for some help, so Jake help. He got it to go straight, but he named it jake it was so funny, then he went really slow when we were trying to get it program it to do something, but it just went at a snails pass and it was really funny and also we had races with the boys and we had two races and we both one those it was funny, but that was when it was working like a race car. 

Also at the start it said to press the orange button and so we did and so now one was next to us on the other computer and so we pressed it and it went onto the next computer and we got such a fright and we didn't want to press the orange button any more, but also it was funny to watch a robot do that. 

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