Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Librarian (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Librarian 3

Every Tuesday I have librarian duty which is going down to the junior to read to then. When I got into the library I went and helped the others with getting some books out, the books that we got were Barbie and Lego books then Emma and I got at least one beanbag each to share out. 
When we all got down to the juniors, some of the junior went to see me and then they want me to read some Barbie books so I did and then we keep reading Barbie books to the end of lunch. When I said that we should read Star Wars and then I read it and I thought that we should read Barbie books till the end of lunch and so I did. 

When the bell rang we had to say good bye to our little friends then we had to go back to the library to give back the books and put the back the beanbags in the right place were they came from.

I love to read to the junior and I hope that the juniors like that we read to then till the end of lunch time.

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