Sunday, 3 April 2016

Librarian (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Can-do

Librarian 2

On Tuesday and Thursday I do librarian. When I always walk in I have to say I here so I go to the desk to tick myself off to tell Mrs Ward I am her. What my job is, my job is going down to the juniors to read to them on a Tuesday, so once I have tick myself off I have to go and get a lot of books for the juniors to choose from. When I get down there I have to go to the deck outside the music room that is where mostly all of the juniors are. Before I leave the library I could take a beanbag for me and the little juniors to sit on usually there are know more left so I just go down without a bean bag. I like reading to the junior it is hard, but fun at the same time and I love seeing some old friends of mine that I saw a long time ago.
What I do on a Thursday. At the start of my job as a librarian I was showing Sasha and Brook R where all of the books went and that I had to show were the older books went and the juniors books went. I love helping the year 7's out with were everything went and I hope they will do the job next year.

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