Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Technology (Merit Badge)

Merit Badge Must-do

Technology 3

I had Technology. Every Tuesday I get to go to Lincoln to do five activities. I am in one of the groups and I am in science and the others are tech styles, wood work, cooking and sewing. I have done wood work and today was my first day of science. What we did in science  was to see how to make a water rocket we watch some videos and then we went out to see how a Water Rocket works then we tried how to get the rocket to work and then we put a tennis ball on the rocket and we blasted it off into the sky. When it was coming down we had to catch the tennis ball to able to get a pineapple lump, but know one got to catch it, I was really close to catching it, but better luck next time. Also we learned about the periodic table which was a bit different, but it was okay.
I really do like doing science and it will help me in high school when I need it.

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