Sunday, 12 June 2016

Computer Duty (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

Everyday I do the computers. When I get to school every morning I have to always get the Chromebooks out the Chromebook hub and it sometimes takes forever to do, but I also need them for school.

If some of the Chromebooks have been taken by the students, we sometimes wonder where did they go, but usually the teacher has them or we were not there early enough in, so Room 25, 26 or 27 have taken them.

When it is near the end of the day I always make sure all of the Chromebooks are on the bench before I start by putting them in the Chromebook hub. I try to do my best to help Reia out, because we just got the holders for the flags and one time it took forever to do, because sometimes the wind picks up and it is so hard to get them inside and I try to be quick so I can get back in time to help Reia.  

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