Saturday, 4 June 2016

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On Tuesday I got to do my last time in sciences. When Monique and I got to Lincoln on the second bus we went straight to our science block. When we got into the class our chairs were already down so we are ready for our first activity.

Our first activity was making Slime. We had to write the things on how to make slime and then we were onto making the slime. We had to do what the things that Mr R asked us to do.

Mr R gave us a cup which was filled with PVA glue and another cup with borax which had to dissolved then we had to put the water and then stir it, after that we put two teaspoons of water and then it made it into slime, Mr R said that we could put food colouring in our slime so Monique, Jake and I put Hot Pink and Jack W put Blue. 

After morning tea, our second activity was making slush out of some sand stuff out of Baby's nappies. What we did first was watch a video of this guy on how to make the slush then we made our own. 

What we had to do was get a nappy and try and get the stuffing out of the nappy and rip it up so we could get it to fit into a glad rap bag and then we had to shack the bag so we could get all of the sand stuff out of the baby nappy. When we got enough of the sand we had to pour it into a cup so we could do the next part, I did not have enough so I got Monique and I another nappy and we did the same thing again, after that we had to pour the water in and then wait. 

After a minute it was ready to try out, Jack try his out but it fell right into his hand so that was funny. For mine it was fine and Monique and I put ours into the plastic bag so we could take it back to school and show it to our teacher.

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