Sunday, 12 June 2016

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On Tuesday it was our first time in a different activity, because Monique, Jack W, Jake, the others in my group and Me were in cooking for our first time with Mrs Weston.
What we were going to be making was a Hāngi. What we had to do first was get a partner and my partner was Monique and then we had to pare up with a different group and we just peered up with Jack and Jake. Next we had to wash our hands and put an apron on so we were ready to do the first thing.

Our first thing was to follow the instructions that Mrs Weston had giving us. We had to grab a lot of things like chopping boards and other thing. Then we went on to the food, what we did was choose out of onions, carrots, potato's, cabbage and kumara that were the things that we could chop up, there were chicken nibbles and the pumpkin was for Mrs Weston  to do with, what we choose was the potato's Mrs Weston said to cut everything up into fours so we did. I put everything on my plate and when it had finally cooked it was ready to eat.
I like cooking and I can't wait till next week to do something different.

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