Thursday, 20 October 2016

Being a good house leader (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do

Being a good house leader

On Monday we had another full school assembly. Once I walked into the hall I went straight for the seats at the front. Once everyone had been seated, we start off by singing our school Waiata with the music in the background and doing the actions.

After singing the Waiata we go onto the other important things like certificates. I didn't get a certificate, but I sat quietly waiting for the certificates finish. After getting through all of the certificate we finish off by singing our National Anthem by Mr M playing the guitar, Sam W and I had to leave early, because we had to do the device so we couldn't stay for long.

The learner quality that I showed was I was seated ready for Mrs Trotter to start.

The leadership that I showed was always listening to who ever is speaking which could be a student or a teacher.

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