Thursday, 13 October 2016

Technology (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Must-do


On Tuesday we had Technology and I couldn't wait to get back to designing my Kitchen. When my bus got to Lincoln I walked to class which was Textiles/Design. Once I was ready I got a pen and waited for the teacher to come and unlock the class door. 

When I got into the class I went straight to do the roll and get a set near my friends. I was really excited to start, because we had been away for 2 weeks and I was wanting to come back so quick so I could do more of my designing.

The things that I did in my design on Tuesday was hot glue some stuff that was falling off the wall. After doing that I decided to make a wall with this wood stuff and hot glue it on. I had to find the right wood so it wouldn't look weird. After finding all of the right wood I cut them up to be the right size and then I hot glued them to my Kitchen wall.

The leaner quality that I showed was turning up on time to class.

The leadership that I showed was doing the right thing.

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