Sunday, 3 July 2016

Computer Duty (Excellence Badge)

Excellence badge Can-do 


The Computers that we have at school are Acer Chromebooks. The school have just bought quite a few more of them that are kept in Mrs Patterns room. In the morning other students from the school are also leading as being Computer Monitors, by going to Mrs Patterns room and getting their class room's Chromebooks. Then at the end of the day, they take them back to Room 11. 

This is a link to a picture of the Acer Chromebook 
Acer Chromebook 

In Room 11, they have the same Chromebook hub as us and Reia has been going to there classroom to teach them how to take them out and put them back in carefully.

The learner quality I showed was being a role model by being careful with the Chromebooks

I showed leadership by getting there early to school and remembering to do my job. 

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