Sunday, 3 July 2016

Librarian (Excellence Badge)

Excellence badge Can-do 


When I got to the library I had to make sure what job I was going to be doing. I was choosing books to read down to the juniors. One of the books that we usually read to the juniors is:

I usually use my finger to help them follow which bit I am reading to them. This might help with their reading. After reading to the juniors for about 20 minutes, it was time to go back to the library.

The learner quality I showed was resilient by reading to them the same book week after week.

How I showed leadership was by taking the books back and putting them in the right place to help Mrs Ward out.

Next week I am going to be resilient by trying to pick new books to read to the juniors, something different, not barbie books, because they need to move on from barbie books.

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