Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cross Country

Cross Country 

On Wednesday I got the chance to go to the next level, which was competing with the Intermediates. When I got to Roto Kohatu the first thing was to walk around the race track with my Mum. 
In my race there was about 40 girls, but 5 didn't come and 2 didn't finish. So I competed against 32 people in my race.
I had to run a 1km track three times around Roto Kohatu, which looked really easy, but when I was running it was really hard.

In the photo below is me going up a steep hill, when I was doing my walk around the track.

When the race started I got a bit nudged with some people and I had to try and get out of it. In the end I came 16th out of forty runners.
Here is a link to show where I came in the race, which is on the forth page. 

Here is another photo of me running in my race and I still had two laps to go.

Canterbury Cross Country

In the Canterbury cross country I went with a lot of people that I new and that everybody that went from Oaklands school did really well and that I got 8th, last year I got 5th, but I did really well this year and that I can't wait to do it next year. 

This is a photo at the end of the Canterbury Cross Country.

This is a photo from the end of the SW Zones

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