Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Student Council (Excellence Badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do

Student Council

Every time at about 12:30 on Wednesday all of the Student Councilors from year 4-8 to meet together. I go with Brooke, Sam L and Amelia. The people from our class got chosen was Brooke, Sam L, Amelia, Madyx, Finn and me got chosen to be in the Student Council from our class, there are also more from the other class, we also have the Heads and deptys Which are Kyla, Dylan, Jack W and Hannah.

What we do in Student Council is talk about the things that are coming up like doing a Pet Day and we recently did a fundraiser to help out Plunket and we each gave $1 for a Mufti day.

The leaner quality I show in Student Council is coming to Student Council every Wednesday.

The leadership that I showed was to always to contribute to all discussion.

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