Thursday, 18 August 2016

Being a good house leader (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do

Being a good house leader

Today at the end of the day Mr Ladbrook took the House captiains, Heads, Deptys and Emma hill for a small meeting. Why Mr ladbrook tooks  us away was for the quiz night coming up and so Mr Ladbrook was wanting to know who wanted to go around the westfelid mall, to find things that we could have to give away as prices in the quiz night. 

Mr Ladbrook had to do a pull it out of hat draw, but on his laptop and it is where he wrote our names in and then he spun it and the first three people didn't get to go. The first person to be out was Jack M, then the second person was Samara then the last person was Me!!!
I was really sad that I didn't get to go, but I would get other chances to go to different thing. 

The learner quality that I showed was coming to the meeting. 

The leadership that I showed was by being a good role model. 

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