Thursday, 11 August 2016

Student Council (Excellence badge)

Excellence Badge Can-do

Student Council

Today I had Student Council. When I got there I was really early so I got to chose a good spot to sit in. 

The things that we started to talk about was which fundraiser we were going to be giving the money to when we do a fundraiser. 

The Fundraiser we decided to raise money for is going to be the Starship Hospital Foundation.
Here's a link to the Starship Hospital

When ever we have a Student Council meeting, we have to go back to our class and talk about what we have talked about in Student Council. 

When it is the end of the day we get to go into our homeroom class, because we have 10 student councilors from the seniors. That is why we have to go in our homerooms, so that we can discuss what we talked about in smaller groups. 

We talk about certain things to our class, but sometimes we wait until the right time. The thing we talked about to the class this time was "What if we changed the Oaklands School name to something different" like something that is native to New Zealand. 

The learner quality that I showed was turning up on time to Student Council.

The leadership that I showed was always listening to who was speaking.  

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