Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Student Council (Distinction badge)

Distinction badge Can-do

Student Council 

On Wednesday I didn't have a student council meeting, because of the mini Olympic, but what we have been talking about the whole time was things that could be changed in the school for example the school name, what the school could look like in 20 years, like the classroom, the playgrounds and other things. 

One of the things we talked about last week was what if we changed the school name for example the Oak tree had actually come from Canada so what if we changed it to something native to New Zealand or that is for school, we had someone say Kāuri or Kākano school which would be different, but the Kāuir tree is native to New Zealand and the Kiwi is native to NZ. 

The learner quality that I show was turning up to student council. 

The leadership that I showed was aways contributing to group discussion.

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