Sunday, 1 November 2015

Athletics Day (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Must-do

Athletics Day

I really look forward to athletics week. I was getting really upset, because it kept raining, but finally the sun came out on Friday.

My two first activities was long jump and discus. I really like doing long jump, because last year I got second and I was able to go and do it at the zones. This year I got second again, which I'm really proud of, and hopefully I'll be able to go to Hillmorton again for long jump. My best jump was 3.77m. I can't remember what I jumped last year, but hopefully I'll jump even further. Mya jumped even further and did 3.93m and Sam Laing came third with 3.56m.

I didn't do so well in discus. I came third last year, but maybe my arms aren't as strong as they were last year, but discus isn't really one of my strong events. I can't wait till Monday when I can do high jump and my favorite one which is Long Distance!

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