Saturday, 21 November 2015

Choir (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do


Yesterday at school I had choir in the music room at lunchtime, to practice Money Money Money and Hallelujah. This was an extra practice so that we were ready to sing in front of the
Senior Citizens.  

It did not take long to practice, so we still had a lunchtime. After we had sang Money Money Money we sang Hallelujah, I love singing Hallelujah. When we had finished singing both of them Miss Harris said we should sing Adiemus and that we should also sing that to the Senior Citizens.

Today in the afternoon, I performed to the Senior Citizens for Kapa Haka and Choir. We did Kapa Haka first and had to get changed really fast back into our school uniforms to be ready to sing. We didn't get to wear our choir shirts this time. When It was our time to go and perform in front of the Senior Citizen's we had to get in a good line, but it was not very good, when we finally walked in through our hall doors we were in the lines that Miss Harris did for us. 

The song that we had sung first was  Money Money Money, Mr M was playing the piano so that we now what the tune was and Miss Harris was helping us go high or lower for Money Money Money. Our next song was Hallelujah it was my favourite song to sing and I think the older people liked it to. When we were singing Hallelujah Hannah, Monique, Sarah and Jackie played on there Guitars and Mr M played the Piano for Hallelujah.

When all of the performance had finished we had to around to ask the older people if they wanted  a cup of tea or coffee. When we were also going around we had plates of food there was all different food to eat, when we had finished Miss O ask if any one wanted something to eat since they have been singing or helping. It was a very good day to finish a Friday off.      



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