Saturday, 21 November 2015

Kapa Haka (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Kapa Haka

Today in the afternoon, I performed to the Senior Citizens for Kapa Haka and Choir. When we started our performance we had to get changed in our small bathroom, when we were in the bathroom we had put on the top and the Kapa Haka skirt it was not nice to wear.

When the first performance started we had sang the Oakland's school song and I think that the older people liked it very much, after that song had finish we sang Pai ma it was a really good song, we had also had performed with our poi's the year 8's had to do long poi, then after that one we had sang our finally song with the Haka,  Whakataka Te Hau. When we had finished the Kapa Haka and ever thing else we came around the old people to ask if they wand a cup of tea or coffee I had asks an old man if he wanted coffee or tea, he wanted coffee with milk no sugar and when we were going around we also had to give them something to eat there was a lot of then's that they could have.

When everything had finish the bell had rang for home time, but I had stayed to help put away the chairs and to clean up, but I did not have time to clean up, because I had to go home. I really enjoyed it, It was really fun to watch the performance and see lot's of cool things. 

Senior Citizens Performance

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