Thursday, 5 November 2015

Computer Duty (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do

Computer Duty

Today in the morning I did computer duty. When I walked into room 24 I put my face up on the board, which is our way of doing the roll. When I'd done that, I went to ask Grace Channings if she could help me put the laptops on the side ready for school. She said yes to helping me, so i took the laptops out and she put them on the table. 

In the afternoon I helped Reia put the laptops away. So when Reia was putting the laptops in the charging box, I was putting them in the right order, but I can only stack them three high.

When we put the laptops away, we have to put the laptops in the right charging unit or we would get them in the wrong slot. We have to put the right charging cords in the laptop the right way, or we could get the cords mixed's up with the boys laptops cords. 

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