Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Technology (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Must-do


On Tuesday I was in design.  In design we made a box that was our house / bedroom. We first had to trace out our template, which Mrs Scott showed us five examples of. 

Then after we had cut out our templates we used a craft knife to cut out our doors and windows which was hard, but I had finally got the hang of it. 

When I had cut out my windows and doors, Mrs Scott wanted us to come and have a look at what we had to do next. Mrs Scott showed us how to make wallpaper out of paper. She said that we could do any colour and then after that we went back to our desk so that we could get on with our designs.

I got out all my materials, like pens, pencils, scissors and stuff. I then went to get some coloured paper. The colours that I got were pink and blue. I didn't have much time left to make my wallpaper, because i was still focusing on my windows and doors. I'm looking forward to designing my wallpaper next week.

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