Saturday, 21 November 2015

Librarian (Distinction Badge)

Distinction Badge Can-do


Today at the library Kyla and I helped Mrs Ward with doing something for her in the library at morning tea.

What Kyla and I helped with was that we scanned a lot of book in the cloakroom, but we did get through two shelf's. 
Kyla was scanning the books and I gave the books to Kyla and I also put away the books on the shelf's in the cloakroom.

We had scanned a lot of books. When we were scanning the books we had to look if it's bar-cod was coming up on the computer, but if it didn't we would have to go through every book to find which book that did not get scanned by Kyla ,it would take so long.

One time Kyla scanned a book three times so we had to get rid of two of the bar-cods so we had to be shore that we delete the right one or would go through the books all over again so it would take so long to do it, it would take us all through the bell :-o. When the bell rang Kyla and I had to tell Mrs Ward that we had to go to class and we would have to come back tomorrow to finish it off.    


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